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Value Engineering is a critical component of pre-construction service, where the team at ACom Construction Group, Inc., will attempt to determine if the scope of the work will fit within our client’s budget. During this phase we examine the project in its entirety in an attempt to locate areas of opportunity for cost savings. We will provide a projection of the life-cycle cost analysis of certain materials involved in the project and provide alternative solutions.  We utilize a multi-step process as an integral part the design stage. The ultimate goal of value engineering is to increase the value of a project while at the same time minimizing the costs generated by the project. For experienced and professional value engineering service for your Rockford Illinois project call us today!

What We Do – 5 stages of Value Engineering Service in Rockford Illinois

5 Stages of Value-Engineering with ACom Construction Group, Inc. 

1) Information Gathering

After we set up a pressure-free initial meeting we may suggest conducting an information gathering session. Here we determine the client’s goals for the project, decisions that were made regarding the design and core functionality of the space and cost impacts.

2) Speculation

Our team at ACom Construction Group, Inc will come up with numerous potential ways to provide the core functions and goals of the project at a lesser cost and greater value.We provide ideas to provide value to projects from top to bottom. We will focus on all aspects of construction from blueprints to cleanup. 

3) Evaluation

At the time of the Evaluation our team determines the criteria to be used for continued evaluation and analyses of the ideas generated during the Speculation phase. We examine a variety of project delivery methods and continue to build an excellent client-contractor relationship. 

4) Development

During the development phase we expand our ideas generated during evaluation into workable solutions. We further develop a description of any design changes, evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of all recommendations, and provide cost evaluations and design calculations.

5) Presentation

The last phase of our value engineering study is when our team presents our recommendations, final summary of cost impacts, final design calculations, and presents a plan and timetable for project completion.  

Value Engineering will help your organization get the most out of the Rockford Illinois Project by:

    • Validating key decision making
    • Keeping project within budget
    • Reducing operation and maintenance activities and their costs
    • Improving performance, function, and quality of materials, vendors, contractors and more.
    • Resolving process, operational, design, and/or construction problems
    • Improving/increasing (ROI) return on investment

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